the real world

Can we agree on something? No matter how much you prepare, whenever it’s time for you to leave the nest and face the world on your own, it hits you hard and knocks the breath out of you. Would you agree? I know I wasn’t the only student to graduate in May. I know there are hundreds of thousands of other newly crowned post-grads out in the world trying to make sense of this transition. But despite that knowledge, it is so easy for my mind to trick me into believing it’s me against the world (the lesser known single from the hit girl band play).  One day, I’m a full time student whose biggest concern is passing all her classes.  Then the next day, I wake up to my own office and extension and am expected to fill out a W-2 form.  (On a side note: how was that not a class in college?  It would have been very helpful.)  I have worked for this moment for the last twenty-one years.  I only know life as a student, and everything I have been working towards is to prepare me for this: a full time job.  Regardless, post grad life has caught me off guard.  I now live in the big city.  My friends are no longer all within a ten mile radius of me, and I am realizing the world is much bigger than my college town. Naps are no longer an option and a lunch box has become a part of my daily routine again.  The phrase, choose joy, has never been more real to me and the word budget has now become my daily vocabulary word.  Naturally, in the beginning there are tears and lots of wallowing.  There still are.  Those first few weeks I flew back home to the nest, A LOT. I still do.  On the bright side, I showed up for work today and I consider that a victory.  Really and truly.  Life right now scares me, so the fact that I was able to get of bed this morning is saying something.  I tend to not want to tackle something until I have a game plan, but currently the drawing board is blank.  Right now there are lots of changes and transitions, both of which I do not handle well, but I am in the process of accepting that I’m never going to be prepared for the world, but that doesn’t mean I can’t face it head on.

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