frappy friday #5

*First things first (shouts, “I’m the realest!”) : This morning a co-worker sent me this link on how places are celebrating National Coffee Day, and I thought to myself, what kind of person would I be if I didn’t share?*

Is it just me, or did Friday come quick this week? I got lots to share with y’all today, so  buckle up folks because this week I’m getting vulnerable. No need to panic.  It’s nothing too serious (and doesn’t come till the end), but I do show you a little bit of my heart, and that’s always slightly terrifying. You ready?  Here we go:

  1. Can I interest you in golden milk?  Was I the only one who didn’t know this was a thing?  Because apparently everyone loves it.
  2. poetry isn’t dead!  If I was a high school English teacher, I would definitely show this to my kids.  Since I’m not, I’m showing it to you instead.
  3. Aloe Vera is apparently used for more than just sunburn.  This is really a thing.  I’ve now seen it from two separate people. So, basically everyone is doing it.
  4. If you need a new podcast. which, we always do.
  5. I need this pup. This really has nothing to do with anything, other than I saw a cute dog, and I HAD to share.
  6. Pride and Prejudice is coming to television. Heyoooooooo!  Hannah H., did you know about this?
  7. I mentioned brene brown’s new book a few posts ago.  In case you aren’t sold that you should check it out, here are some takeaways
  8. EVERYONE STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Tim Riggins, I repeat, TIM RIGGINS takes on a new role.
  9. Do you watch This is Us? Because if so, you can relate to this video.  Please watch till the end.  I didn’t think I would find it as funny as I did, but then by the end I was chuckling to myself pretty uncontrollably.  Also, no spoilers.  I’ve seen all of season one, but not the recent premiere of season two, and this didn’t ruin anything.  *UPDATE:  At the time I wrote this post, I hadn’t seen the newest episode.  Well, I watched it last night with Kath and there are no words.  You just gotta go watch it yourself.*
  10. Do we think this phone case is legit?  I don’t know.  We may never know.  My personal favorite review: “I honestly can’t tell if it’s protecting me, but I do know that I’ve dropped my phone a few times and the case kept it safe. I’d say, get one.” Well shoot, I guess I’m sold.
  11. lady gaga and I have something in common. Really and truly, I got teary-eyed reading this article. I struggle with chronic pain and I am still learning not to see it as a sign of weakness, because most of the time I do.  It’s hard explaining to others why you can’t participate in an activity when you can’t put a name to the pain.  A majority of the time people think you’re faking it. Which I can understand, I would probably assume that too.  For years, and even today, I question if I’m physically in pain or if it is all made up in my head. But thank goodness for my sweet mom. She is constantly reminding me that being in this much pain isn’t normal, and that the MRI’s show something. All that to say, I found lagy gaga’s words to be heartfelt and sincere and I hope you do too, “There is a degree of self-deprecation and shame with feeling in pain a lot. I work through it and it can be done. We have to stick together. I don’t have to hide it because I’m afraid it’s weak. It’s a part of me, and I’m grateful to Chris for caring.”
  12. For a long time, I believed the lie that my life wouldn’t fully begin until I got married.  Friends, THAT IS SO FALSE.  I stumbled upon this book on Amazon and am definitely adding it to my list of must reads.

Alright, you made it!  Thanks for sticking through till the end.  I hope to see ya back next week.



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