frappy friday #9

Happy Friday!! This week has been a rollercoaster of emotions, and it has left me exhausted.  BUT there has been so much good that has come from this week (hoping to give more details about everything in a later blog post) and I’m feeling really thankful! Grab that frap, or may I recommend a spicy Mexican hot chocolate from Moonbird Coffee, and let’s get to it.  Here’s what I have for you today:

  1. First and foremost, JT has been back in the studio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention, HE’S  PERFORMING AT THE SUPER BOWL HALFTIME SHOW.  My automatic reaction when I found out the news was to interrupt my roommates’ and I’s viewing of This is Us to share the good news. I gasped and squealed and immediately looked up a way to buy tickets. Because have you seen Justin’s documentary on Netflix? The kid can put on a show.  But the recent news brought back to light the last performance Justin gave at a Super Bowl Halftime show where he performed alongside Janet Jackson.  This article goes into detail about the backlash some are feeling over the announcement.
  2. Last weekend I went to the coffee shop of my dreams, and had the best empanada.  Wish I hadn’t been so full from lunch because I wanted to try everything on their menu. We saw a waiter walk by with someone’s order of a poke bowl and it looked divine. This is definitely going to be a new favorite spot of mine.
  3. I should probably read this article on how to get yourself to do things.  I’m really bad at putting things off.  One time I washed my sheets, and brought them all the way from the laundry room to my bedroom to put on my bed before deciding I was too exhausted to put them on that night. So, I draped my comforter on top of my mattress, grabbed a throw to cover my pillows, and wrapped myself in my fuzzy blanket.  I slept like that for several weeks. Or for instance, it took me nearly a week to wash my crock pot after I took it to work: a few days to get it out of the car, and then it sat in the kitchen sink soaking for a few more.  To my roommates, I apologize for that. And then finally, there’s the coffee pot my friend Kates gave me for my birthday, FIVE MONTHS ago. It’s been sitting on our fireplace for FIVE MONTHS. Poor Katie, every time she comes over she sees it sitting there.  It took me five months to take it out of the packaging, wash it, and set it up in my bedroom where I’m now using it as motivation to get out of bed in the morning. Other things I’m putting off that I should probably be held accountable for: getting my oil changed, returning a dress, taking some pants to the alterations shop, and vacuuming my room.
  4. I’m always looking for an excuse to cancel my gym membership.
  5. If you’ve been following along then you know I’ve really been in to skin care and personalization. This brand, as Hannah Montana would say, “is the best of both worlds.”
  6. I think I’m having a tiny life crisis. Suddenly, I want to get rid of everything I own and become a minimalist.  I think this website could help.
  7. Truth be told, I’ve always wanted a red felt beret.  (please note: I’m not a huge fan of how the model in that particular photo is wearing hers. This model, however, I think really rocks it)  However, I will probably never purchase one because this past weekend I asked my friends Robert and Austin if I could pull it off, and they said, “no,” simultaneously. It was quite hilarious, and the honesty was greatly appreciated. You never know though.  Maybe I’ll get one just to see if I can prove them wrong.
  8. I love a good meme.  I’ve added it to my list of love languages.  I feel loved when someone tags me in a meme, and I express my love for my friends by tagging them in memes ALL. THE. TIME.  Saw this one and it was all too relatable not to share.
  9. I found this article on American teenagers suffering from anxiety more than ever before really interesting.
  10. Happy Halloween! Welcome to Halloween as an adult.
  11. I bought a pumpkin two weeks ago to carve, and have yet to get around to it (I HAVE to stop putting things off). But its not too late!  Just have to decide what I want to do.  This or maybe this? Should we take a vote?
  12. A list of things I don’t like but am convinced that if I just give it one more shot I’ll become a huge fan: marshmallows, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, eggnog, pop tarts. I have a really good feeling that these might be able to change my mind about pop tarts. They look scrumptious.
  13. Can you tell I just discovered this site and am in love with it?  It’s a one stop shop, ya know?  Ju and I have been wanting a fall wreath for our house all season, but holy smokes they are expensive. I want a cute house and all, but I would also like to keep my arm and leg in the process. BUT now we can make one!  Wooohoooo!!! Let’s get crafty.
  14. Stranger Things 2 is premiering tonight!!!!!!  I’m sure you already know this. I just watched the first season two weeks ago.  Took me awhile to come around.  Not that I regret it, because I didn’t have to painfully wait a full year for the next season to come out.
  15. I just remembered I bought a plaster skull weeks ago with the intent of making this (putting things off might be a bigger problem than I thought). I should do that tonight.
  16. When I was little, my mom glued cotton balls to my t-shirt and called me a sheep.  Parents sure have raised the bar since then. Check out what the kids are dressing up as nowadays.
  17. I chuckled at some of the comments people left on this post all about Halloween costumes nobody got.

Happy Halloween you guys!! Enjoy your holiday and stay safe! I’ll see ya next week.



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