frappy friday #15

Happy Friday everyone!!! IT’S SNOWING!!!!  It really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  Snow in December.  It is just so dreamy!!!!!!  All I want to do is go home, curl up on my couch with my new heated blanket (shoutout to my girl Kamryn), turn on the lights on my Christmas tree, light a fir scented candle,  sip some hot cocoa, and watch a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie. Who’s with me?? But for now, I’ll settle for hot coffee at my desk, and walking by my boss’s office every so often just to get a glimpse of the snow dusting the campus from his window.  Here’s what I got for today:

  1. Fan of Parenthood? Well, check it out, because Mae Whitman is coming back to your television screen in a new show called good girls.
  2. Y’all.  You no longer have to sacrifice quality goods because of the expensive price.  Brandless is changing the game.  Everything is $3.00.  That’s right. $3!!!!!! Incredible.  I just ordered body wash to give them a try.  I’ll let you know my thoughts once it comes in!
  3. heavenly peace. I read this post on Blessed is She the other day, and I really loved it and wanted to share.
  4. DAWGS are SEC Champs.  People are pretty stoked.
  5. I can’t even imagine.  Keeping Los Angeles in my thoughts and prayers this week.
  6. Psych the Movie. Can’t freaking wait. IT COMES ON TONIGHT. The dream team is back together again.
  7. Pretty sure I don’t have many male readers, but if you’re a male and you’re reading (HI, so glad you’re here) BUT you may want to skip over this link.  OR, perhaps, you may want to check it out and surprise the woman in your life with a sweet treat: moon cycle bakery.   Ladies, that time of the month just got better.
  8. Sway.  How did I not know there is an all you can eat pie bar in Atlanta?!?!
  9. Food terminal. Ate here last Friday.  It was delish.  Went back for lunch on Monday.  The menu can be overwhelming because there are so many options.  I highly recommend the Tossed Noodle Grandma Wonton BBQ Pork (option TN01 on the menu).
  10. sugar shack. It’s not what you think.  It is a bakery. I give their hot chocolate two thumbs up.
  11. These headphones are like really pretty.
  12. I’m ready to try out every single one of these slow cooker recipes.

Feel like I posted a lot about food this week.  I guess I’ve just been really hungry.  What’s that they say? People who love to eat are always the best kind of people?  Hey, have a great weekend! Stay safe and warm!



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