frappy friday #16

Good morning and happy Friday!!! If you’re a regular, you know the drill: grab that coffee and pull up a seat.  If you’re new, WELCOME!! So glad that you decided to join us. Grab a chair, something to drink, and I’ll take it from there.  Hope this week has been good to ya.  Here’s what I have for you today:

  1. Elsie Larson is one of the co-founders of A Beautiful Mess.  She just adopted the most precious baby girl, Nova.  I’ve loved looking at all the pictures she’s been posting since she and her husband got to meet their daughter for the first time.
  2. I have a new girl crush.  And I am in serious stalker mode.  She just wrote a book: Girl, wash your face.  I pre-ordered it.  I tried to resist, but the more I read up on the book the more my walls came tumbling down, and the next thing I know I’m entering my credit card info.
  3. My friend, Audge, has been raving about the cinn&sug toast from Spiller Park for weeks now.  I went with her Thursday morning to finally give it a try.  It’s just as yummy as you would think.
  4. Lauren Daigle’s Christmas album, Behold, makes me want to slow dance in my kitchen.  I imagine it playing on a record player, while some hot cocoa is simmering on the stove, and I’m just swaying along to the tune.  Ideally, snow would be falling outside.
  5. Have you ever had coffee soda?  Most likely if you’ve ever been to Nashville you know what I’m talking about.  But you are about to have the option to try it at home. It’s about to be available in cans.
  6. I want to get all my pictures framed here.
  7. I’m going on a ski trip in March, and I couldn’t be more excited!! With that being said, I’m a first time skier and I don’t have anything I need. So, if any of you have been skiing before and don’t mind letting someone borrow your clothing, I promise to take very good care of it and would be very grateful!! All of that to say, I’m loving the travel collection at Target by Wit & Delight.
  8. I want to do good in the world.  Lately, I’ve been convicted to take a step back and take a hard look at the companies I purchase from.  I want to support companies that are doing good in the world.  Able is one of those companies.  I’ve been following them on Instagram for years, but honestly forgot about them until the other day when I complimented my friend, katie b., on her rings.  Turns out they were from Able.  I immediately put them on my Christmas list.
  9. You know how it snowed last Friday?  Well, check out this wedding photo the extremely talented Mary Hannah Harte captured.  ISN”T IT LOVELY?!?!?! Those folks are the luckiest people I know.  I want to frame the picture and display it in my house and I don’t even know those people.
  10. This next video is hard to watch.  I can’t make it the whole way through because I find it heart breaking. Climate change is a real thing and it’s taking a massive toll on our ecosystems and their inhabitants.  Let this video be a wake up call and help us want to be the change.
  11. Here’s how we can partake in the relief efforts for the destruction brought on by the California wildfires.
  12. I’ve been very in to these type of wreaths lately and I feel like I’m seeing them everywhere. I love the simplicity of it.
  13. In the beginning of the fall season, I started seeing chenille sweaters pop up everywhere.  I was convinced this was a trend I would not be participating in.  I thought the material looked cheap and reminded me of my 90s childhood.  Well, fast forward a few weeks and now I’m a big supporter of the trend and own two chenille sweaters myself, and I want all the chenille sweaters I can get my hands on.  Whoops.  *Just look at the photo for evidence.  This is me in Target at 8:30 on a Saturday sending a picture to my mom*
  14. Maybe you’ve heard of the new CW show Riverdale?  It’s on its second season (check out the first season on Netflix), and the characters are based of the Archie comics.  Well, Jimmy Fallon did a parody of the show with characters from Peanuts, and you have to see it.

Alright y’all, thanks for reading.  See you next week?



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