frappy friday #18

I was gearing up for our usual frappy friday when it hit me that this would be my last post of 2017.  I’ve seen people posting on Instagram #2017bestnine, where I’m assuming they post their top nine memories from the past year, and I realized I wanted to do the same. I want to take a moment and reflect on the past year, all the good and all the bad, before moving forward into a new year. Because I think we often forget to take the time to look back on what we endured and accomplished. To reflect on all that we encountered and how we grew or what we learned, and I’d like to take a hot second to do just that. I hope you’ll join me.  I also wish I could provide you with one of these to enjoy as you scroll through, maybe in the new year.

  1. I cut my hair. This was a pretty big deal.  I’ve always had long hair.  One time in kindergarten I asked my mom if I could cut my hair because my two best friends were both getting their hair cut, and we all wanted to match. She said no. I was devastated. In hindsight, she most definitely made the right parenting choice. But as a kindergartener who just wanted to match her best friends, I viewed my mom as someone who was out to ruin my life. I’ve cut my hair once before, senior year of college before embarking into the real world. But this last cut was even shorter. It was liberating.
  2. I got a tattoo.  Heyooooo! Yes, my parents know.  No, they weren’t thrilled.  But this was completely my decision. In fact, most people hardly even notice it. Which is perfect, because I didn’t get it for them. I got it for me.
  3. I started a new job. A sweet friend of mine, who I consider more of like a guardian angel, helped me get a new job in a work environment that was warm and welcoming. Where you truly feel apart of a team and your co-workers genuinely care about your well being.  It was a game changer for me, and I’m forever grateful to Cait.
  4. I signed up for dance. I danced in high school, and it was a huge outlet for me.  It pushed me physically and allowed me to be creative. It was something I missed greatly in college, and I longed to get back in the groove…literally.  This past year, I finally signed up for classes at Dance 101 and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
  5. I fell in love. Looking at you aje. This past year I met a boy, and he was patient with me and kind. He made me laugh, and accepted all my quirks. He’s really great, and I’m real glad our friend Sarah introduced us.
  6. I planted my own flowers. This was kind of a failure. I potted the plants wrong, and I’m pretty certain at the absolute wrong time of year for these specific seeds. BUT I learned a lot, and you can bet your bottom dollar I’m gonna try again.
  7. I wrote my own life rules when I turned 24. You can check ’em out here. I got the idea from Hannah Brencher, you can check hers out here.
  8. I attempted to become a runner.  I definitely failed, HOWEVER I did try and that’s honestly a huge accomplishment.  I’ve included a photo of me post-run for your viewing pleasure.  running photo
  9. I witnessed friends chase after their dreams,  which inspired me to chase after one of my own, frappy friday!

………….Not to mention I got to see the Dawgs become SEC Champs!

Well, there you have it. My #2017bestnine.  What are some of yours? I’d love to hear ’em. Hope you have a magical New Years!  See you in 2018!




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