frappy friday #24

Good morning my people! How ya doin?  I needed an extra shot in my latte this morning to wake me up and get me going.  I graduated physical therapy today, so I should be all good to go come March 7 when I hit the ski slopes for the first time ever.  In the meantime, you can find me in Daytona this weekend where I’ll be experiencing my first NASCAR race with BaeJ (this is what Audge likes to call him and it kills me every time, I can’t read it without chuckling to myself).  Wish me luck! Aje is very nervous I’ll go full sorority date night attire on him.  I make no promises that I won’t.  Alright guys, moving on to the good stuff.  Here’s what I have for you:

  1. All my ATL (HAY TEA ALE) folks, get excited because Nashville’s Five Daughters Bakery is coming to Ponce City Market in the Spring and I will be first in line for that 100 layer donut.
  2. Y’all.  Ski ballet used to be an Olympic sport.  Yup, you read that right.  Ski ballet.
  3. Always on the hunt for a new journal.  Letterfolk’s Abridged Journal was featured as one of Joanna Gaines’ favorite things in their Magnolia magazine.
  4. This quote says it all.
  5. 17 innocent lives were lost on Wednesday.  Helena, Alex, Cara, Carmen, Peter, Nicolas, Gina, Martin, Jaime, Joaquin, Scott, Alyssa, Alaina, Chris, Meadow, Aaron, Luke. We have to do something. Today, my prayer is that the Lord would break our hearts for what breaks his, and that it would call us to take action.
  6. Dax Shepard, Crosby from Parenthood, came out with his own podcast!  And he interview wife Kristin Bell in the first episode.  Haven’t given it a listen yet, but it’s definitely on my to-do list.
  7. I think these eucalyptus temporary tattoos from tattly look fun AND their infused with a calming scent.
  8. This parmesan spinach pesto linguine that @breakingbreadxo posted looks AHHHMAZINGGGGG.  Now that I’ve finished the Whole 30, I want ALL the pasta.
  9. I’m absolutely trying to go to Rising Son for some of this strawberry shortcake.
  10. I’m hoping to go to a free intro class at Club Pilates this upcoming week if anyone wants to join! HMU if you’re interested.

Well folks, that’s all for today.  Our time has come to an end.  Feel free to stay for however long you’d like. Take a look around and make yourself at home. I’ll see you next Friday!



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