frappy friday #26

Y’all, good morning!! It’s beautiful outside this morning!!! Welcome to March.  One of my favorite months because 1. St. Patrick’s Day and 2. March Madness.  If you don’t have plans for St. Patty’s day, you do now. Because I want you to come hang with me at my house and eat all the green-colored treats while Luck of the Irish plays in the background. It’ll be grand (said in an Irish accent).  Shall we get to it then? Here’s what I have for you this week:

  1. I love my city.  It is no secret. Sometimes I get teary eyed watching Atlanta United play.  And I love any chance I get to soak up our city’s skyline. Atlanta is so very near and dear to my heart. It’s the last city I wanted to end up in after graduating college, but the ATL has been capturing my heart ever since I planted my roots here in the summer of 2015. SO, with that being said, I am ALLLLLLL about this company Made With Soul in Atlanta. And I definitely need a shirt.
  2. After seeing food blogger after food blogger post about Banza, I am very eager to give it a try.  I mean look at their Instagram page. Those photos make me drool!
  3. Ju learned about The Happy Hour podcast from our friend Kerby, and I’m really eager to listen to the two episodes Kerbs recommended: Catherine Lowe and Kat Harris. I didn’t know who Kat Harris was, so naturally I goggled her.  She runs the website the refined woman and I’m obsessed.  I love their manifesto!
  4.  This Instagram post hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m tired of putting my imagination towards my anxiety.  I’d much rather put it towards my creativity.
  5. YES to body diversity. I love the honesty and vulnerability found in this post. Confessions: I’ve never given birth to children and I have stretch marks.  I’ve had them since I was 11.  And I’m in the process of learning to love them and not shaming myself for having them.
  6. Do I need a membership to this financial gym?  I so so so desperately want to be better about how I budget my money. Do y’all have any tips on how you budget?  I’m no math whiz, and numbers tend to overwhelm me.  So, anything that helps simplify the process would really help!
  7. At the moment, I’m really loving Chris Stapleton’s song Broken Halos.
  8. Because of my love for St. Patrick’s Day I had to share this dahhhhlinggg bracelet from Wanderer Bracelets.
  9. I really want to like matcha because ALL of leefromamerica’s posts with matcha look beautiful.  But the only matcha drink I’ve tried was from Starbucks, and I was not a fan.  I couldn’t do it.  I had to pour the drink out. Should I just accept that I don’t like it or should I give it another try?  I know I’m gonna cave and give it another try….I just can’t resist a green drink.

That’s it for today.  Thanks for reading y’all!  It really does mean so much to me. Next week frappy friday will be on vacay, so I’ll see ya in two weeks! Have a great weekend!



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