frappy friday #28

Good morning to ya!! Come here, and let me give ya a hug.  I’m so excited you’re here! I feel like I struck gold, and stumbled upon some awesome finds, and I just can’t wait to share them with you. Can I get ya anything before we dive in?  Can I top off your coffee for ya?  Alright, let’s do the dang thing.  Here’s what I have for ya:

  1. If you can’t reach me Saturday morning, it’s most likely because I’ll be at the Avalon waiting in line for a doughnut (are we surprised? of course not)  from fashioned + fried.  Don’t have plans Saturday morning? Come join me! I’d love the company. Otherwise I’ll be going on this endeavor solo.
  2. Want to jump on the matcha train?  Personally, I don’t think it’s for me. But you know I’m always willing to give it another try. I’m just not in love like the rest of the world….yet.  But any who.  Rabbit trails.  If YOU are loving matcha, check out this adorable matcha set.
  3. Is this moisture meter just not the cutest thing?!?!? It is perfect for me!  I have a plant by my desk at work, and I feel like we have a bumpy relationship.  I’m not sure the plant has taken a liking to me. I’ll stay on top of watering her regularly, but then an expert will walk by and inform me that the yellow leaves indicate that she’s getting too much water (side note: I did not know that and found that super fascinating).  With this new information, I decided to cut back on my watering.  A few days will go by, and someone will comment, “I think your plant needs some water.”  I’ll look over and sure enough she’s sitting on her bench all wilty. I mean girl, make up your mind! I give you water but it’s too much, I back off and you start to die!  Girl, throw me a bone. ALL that to say, I am confident this moisture meter would be beneficial for both me and the plant.
  4. This week I discovered Netflix’s new reality show Queer Eye. It took everything in me not to watch all eight episodes in one night.  At the recommendation of friends, I figured I would check out the first episode. But I never expected to fall in love with the series. This show will take you through all the emotions.  You will laugh and you will cry.  I never failed to cry at least once through all eight episodes. These men, the fab five, are loving on the men who have been nominated to receive make overs.  And while the Fab Five are making over the nominee’s wardrobe, house, recipe repertoire and more, they aren’t taking these men and making them into someone else. They are helping each man to see that he is wonderful and beautiful and worthy of love just the way he is.  They are just there to help him see it for himself, and show him ways he can showcase it. These are all my own opinions. I, personally, saw Jesus in the show; because these men are loving on each other despite their differences, and isn’t that what the Lord has called us to do?  To love our neighbor no matter what? And in a world today where hate seems to be very prominent, Queer Eye was a beautiful reminder that while we all may be different, we can still come together and love one another.
  5. I’ve been very into linen recently.  I’ve been eyeing all the linen duvet covers online because they just look so comfy and cozy and snuggly.  Well, the other day I discovered this etsy store and they sell all linen everythangggg. Like this adorable apron and these beautiful bath towels.
  6. Can we even call it frappy friday if I don’t share a video with Jimmy Fallon?
  7. Did you guys know Atlanta has its own tea parlor!?!?! Guys, this is exciting stuff.  Anyone want to join me for afternoon tea in the near future?  *pinky’s out*
  8. You guys know I love a good laugh. So, here are a few things I found this week that made me chuckle.  I was scrolling through Instagram the other day when I saw this funny post of a peach. This interview on Ellen. This one really just made me happy, but the Milwaukee Brewers paid tribute the The Sandlot and you gotta see it.
  9. AJ loves fruity pebbles, so I think I might have to make this for us one morning.
  10. Did you guys ever watch Clarissa Explains it All?!? My fam was all about that show.  Apparently, Nickelodeon is thinking of doing a reboot!!

That’s a wrap for today guys. Thanks for reading!  Any comments/questions/concerns? Feel free to reach out! Have a frappy friday and a great weekend! See ya next week!




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