frappy friday #30

Hey guys! How are you today? Any exciting plans for the weekend?  Tonight, you can find me at Variety Playhouse for the Dirty Guv’nahs concert. I’m pretty pumped, because I never got to see them in Athens while I was in college, so this will be my first time seeing them live.  And then Saturday I’m headed to The Classic City for a sweet little day trip.  I’d love to hear your plans for the weekend! I’m really excited that you’ve found yourself here this morning. Here’s what I have for you today:

  1. I stumbled upon this group called ATL Girl Gang, and I’m really excited about it.  They are having a conference in June, and I really want to go. If you’re a female in Atlanta, and you’re trying to start your own business, or maybe you’re getting married and looking for a florist or a photographer, I highly recommend you check them out.
  2. Target has a new line of nail polish available and I really want to try one of the matte colors.
  3. Also, just a reminder: tomorrow is when the HunterxTarget collection launches. And, I just found out that not all stores will carry the line, so double check on that before you leave your house!
  4. I think this basket is adorable for carrying around the farmer’s market.  One of my goals this summer is to start going to a local famer’s market regularly. SO, if you have a favorite farmer’s market you love to go to in the Atlanta area let me know!!
  5. I’ve talked about Maria Andrews on here before, and if you don’t follow her you NEED to!  TODAY. I shared about her book in one of my earlier frappy fridays, and I cannot wait to read it. She recently shared this post, and I saved it because the next time one of my friends is buying a new apartment, going through a tough time, or starting a new job I want to get them one of the items on the registry.
  6. Yesterday was date night, and it was my turn to drive to Buford.  Knowing that I would most likely be sitting in traffic for a good long while I decided to listen to a podcast.  I chose Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert, more specifically the episode where he talks with Lauren Graham. I haven’t finished it yet, but I so enjoyed it.  I learned a ton about Lauren Graham and how she grew up, where she’s from, and why she is the way she is. I’d definitely recommend.
  7. This week on pinterest, I’ve been pinning everything to do with hygge, and how to hygge in the spring.
  8. This past Monday, I learned some devastating news. A young man that graduated UGA the same year as me suddenly passed away. I didn’t know him or his wife personally, but many of my friends did. It shook our community. If you are able, please consider donating to help his family with medical costs.
  9. This breakfast café is close to AJ’s house, and I’m dying to try it.  My friends who have been to the location in Marietta rave about it.
  10. My fairy godmother Sarah introduced me to Miller Lite about two years ago.  It’s been my go to beer ever since.  Urban Outfitters has a Miller Lite shirt and I’m very much considering purchasing it. It feels right.

That’s all for today! Thanks for showing up. I hope you have a great, restful weekend.  Be safe out there!



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