frappy friday #32

Good morning friends!  It’s Friday AND the sun is shining!! It’s gonna be a good day. Scratch that. It’s gonna be a good weekend!! So happy to see you this morning. Grab a seat, and buckle up.  Here’s what I have for you today:

  1. You guys know I love the hallmark channel. And if you’ve known me for a few years then you’re probably aware that I had a slight obsession with A Cinderella Story when I was in middle school. Well, worlds are colliding because Chad Michael Murray stars in a Hallmark Channel Movie THIS weekend.  Get those DVRs ready.
  2. Found a new devotional I want to add to my list.
  3. A few posts back, I shared about a straw bag I’ve been seeing all the fashion bloggers share about.  Great news, Target just came out with their version.  *get it get it get it girlllllllll*
  4. I don’t have cable.  Which means a lot of times I’m behind on current events and the news. Thursday, I met with Audge for breakfast and she informed me that the police had caught The Golden State Killer. Then she shared with me that My Favorite Murder did an emergency podcast session (Episode 118) to discuss the big news (this is like their version of the Super Bowl). AND she told me about the book written by Michelle McNamara who is credited with branding the serial killer as The Golden State Killer. It was all very fascinating and if any of you are big fans of true crime stories, then these are all a must read/listen.
  5. Last Friday, Karmyn and I started watching Call the Midwife.  We’ve been binge watching all week.
  6. Country singer Danielle Bradbery has partnered with ABLE and launched a collection of jewelry inspired by her new single “Worth It.” Definitely check out the song.  It’s a beautiful message. It really resonated with me as someone who has always struggled with self-worth. Played it on repeat on my way home from Buford yesterday.
  7. Guys, I shared a little bit about my attempt to become a runner earlier this year.  Well, that dream still lives inside of me. And I’m thinking about giving it another try. My friend Meg suggested the app Couch to 5k.  Anyone ever tried it before? Anyone have any tips?
  8. I’m not the biggest Amy Schumer fan, but I do want to see her new movie I Feel Pretty.
  9. I’ve mentioned a few time wanting a capsule wardrobe. Well, apparently there’s such a thing as capsule home décor.
  10. Recently, there’s been a part of me that wants to open up my own flower shop and arrange bouquets. I just think that would be a lot of fun. Started following farmgirlflowers on Instagram and it’s really fueling that flame.

Alright y’all, same time next week?  Great, can’t wait. See you then!




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