frappy friday #33

Good morning friends!! And Happy May…..a co-worker shared that video with me and I absolutely had to share it with y’all.  Next week is the Justin Timberlake concert and you know I can barely contain my excitement!!!!!!!!! I’m not sure I’m 100% emotionally ready for it.  Be prepared for a bombardment of videos and photos on all forms of social media.  Y’all, last weekend was the best.  I got to spend some QT with friends I hadn’t seen in awhile, and it was one of those moments that just makes your heart swell.  I hope you get to spend some QT with people you love this weekend.  It’s good for the soul.  Here’s what I have for you today:

  1. Book to add to the reading list!!!
  2. My friend from bible study made these cookies on Tuesday and man oh man they were scrumptious.  I’m still thinking about them.  I highly recommend.  These are all things I never thought I would say about a gluten free, diary free, low carb cookie.
  3. Great news: you can now buy Banza pasta in the ATL.
  4. I learned about the canva app this week and I’m very eager to try it out.
  5. My go-to drink from Starbucks in the summer time: the pink drink. It’s refreshing and pretty.
  6. This past week Ju sent me a text recommending that I listen to The Happy Hour episode that features Jackie Hill Perry. It was amazing.  I knew I had to share it with y’all. I bookmarked several of her quotes.
  7. Last weekend I went to the Duluth Arts Festival with my parents and we stumbled upon some great finds that I was very eager to share with y’all: frozen lavender coffee, lilac wine (this is a band), and the best fries ever.
  8. This week at work I learned that you’re able to recall a message after you’ve sent it. My mind was blown.
  9. Luke Combs dropped a new song today, and it’s good y’all.  Check it out.
  10. In honor of the JT concert being one week from today, I thought I’d share some of these videos of JT that will warm your heart: this Bai commercial that makes me giggle, this snippet of him on Ellen talking about his son, and this clip of N*Sync being reunited.

That’s all for today.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and are able to spend some time outside! See you next week.



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