frappy friday #34

Good morning my people! TODAY IS THE DAY! The JT concert is TONIGHT, and I think it all just feels a little surreal.  I’m very excited, and slightly stressed about traffic on my way up to the venue.  But I’m telling myself that I’ll get there when I get there and all will be fine.  Anyway, this weekend is jammed pack with lots of fun times. Tonight is JT, and then tomorrow I’m headed to Chattanooga to celebrate my sweet friend Kates who gets married in June, and then Sunday is Mother’s Day! Hope you’re able to spend some time with those you love this weekend.  Here’s what I got for today:

  1. Spent last weekend in Greenville, SC and it was such a lovely weekend.  On Sunday we got to explore the city and it was such a treat.  We had brunch at The Anchorage which was recommended to us by our Airbnb host. I got the eggs benedict and it did not disappoint. And the atmosphere was so cool.  Loved everything from the light fixtures to the mini French press that my coffee was served in.  Then we just roamed around until it was time to leave, but not until we stopped by the coffee shop Methodical, also recommended by our Airbnb host. Again, loved the atmosphere.  To get a feel for their vibe check them out on Instagram. Really loved the black and gold floral wallpaper. Not to mention, how cute is this packaging? Wish we could have stayed longer.
  2. Ju’s been listening to Kacey Musgrave’s new album Golden Hour nonstop, and on Wednesday we were listening to it in the car on the way to trivia.  It also happened to be during the golden hour.  I turned to Ju and said, “each song really does have the ‘golden hour’ feel.”  Ju instantly agreed.  I feel like I can’t really do it justice by trying to describe it.  You just have to go check out the album to see what I mean.  You can find her newest music video here.
  3. John Mayer just released a new single, New Light, this week.  Which I feel like  makes a great opportunity to recommend you follow him on Instagram.  His stories always make me laugh.  AJ is actually the one who convinced me to follow me. He sent me a story of John pouring coffee into a whiskey glass, and he was singing “coffee in a whiskey glass. too much coffee in a whiskey glass.” Found a video of it here (just watch seconds 0:04-0:16).  I don’t know why, but I found it super entertaining; and I found myself singing “coffee in a whiskey glass.  too much coffee in a whiskey glass,” for several days after.
  4. Discovered this book on the nightstand in my Airbnb room.  I thought the cover was captivating and I just picked it up and started reading the first few pages.  I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I asked AJ to please order it on Amazon Prime a few days later. I’m really pumped to read it .
  5. Y’all might remember I mentioned Jackie Hill Perry in one of my previous frappy friday’s. Well, she just released a new album.  Check it out!
  6. I really like this light pink felt board Karla Reed shared.  Y’all Karla Reed is my favorite person to follow on Instagram.  I just love her, and I got my mom to follow her too. So now we literally bring her up in conversation like she’s an old family friend. Definitely check her out.
  7. This week brought some exciting news.  A few weeks ago one of my favorite authors/bloggers, Hannah Brencher, posted about creating a launch team for her new book Come Matter Here. Well, if you’re a regular then you know I’m constantly sharing Hannah’s stuff on frappy friday, and that I talk about her as if I know her.  I applied for the launch team on a whim, not really thinking anything of it.  Well, I found of this week I was accepted to be apart of her team, and I am really really excited!!!!!
  8. I thought this was a really cool idea for a door mat.
  9. Okay, I recently tried Trader Joe’s cauliflower gnocchi, and I shared on insta that I like it. BUT I have changed my mind because I tried their sweet potato gnocchi and holy cow I LOVED it; so, now when comparing the two, the cauliflower gnocchi really doesn’t hold a candle to the sweet potato.  At least, that is my opinion.  You should try both and let me know what you think!  I think I will buy the cauliflower gnocchi one more time and try to cook it differently.  I’ll report back once I’ve done so.
  10. Yesterday, I drove up to Buford for date night, and I  saw a double rainbow.  I kept rolling down my window, while it was raining, so I could take pictures of it. I even stuck my head out the window to try and grab a shot, and raindrops kept pegging me in the eye.  I shared the photo at the beginning of my post, but you can find one on my Instagram too.

Folks, thank you so much for reading. I really can’t express how much it means to me.  If you ever find anything that you would like me to share, feel free to reach out! Have a great weekend!



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