frappy friday #36

Friends, this week has been one the best out of my entire 25 years of life.  I have felt so loved and celebrated by YOU, and there aren’t words to express how truly grateful I am. You guys know how to make a girl feel loved, and this week you all went above and beyond. God has outdone himself by blessing me with y’alls friendship.  Thank you thank you THANK YOU for everything. Last week, I was on the road and unprepared so I didn’t have a post ready for y’all; but, hopefully, I can make it up to you this week.  *side note: it’s National Doughnut Day* My wish for you today is that you can have a few minutes to yourself, and enjoy a fresh baked donut with a warm cup of coffee. Here’s what I have for you today:

  1. First things first. Come Matter Here.  It’s all I’ve talked about all week.  Hannah Brencher’s newest book came out on Tuesday, and I cannot encourage you enough to go buy this book.  I honestly wish I had enough money to buy a 1,000 books so that I could always carry one with me, and then hand them out to everyone I meet. I’m so passionate about this book, because I truly believe that its words can change your life. It is so evident that the Lord speaks through Hannah in Come Matter Here, and I hope you have the opportunity to check it out. If you’re in the Atlanta area, I encourage you to head to Gusto Ponce next Thursday June 7th.  Hannah is throwing a launch party and will be around to sign books and chat! Not in the Atlanta area?  No worries.  Check out her website to find a meet up closest to you.
  2. I got to see Hamilton this past week, and !?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! it was AMAZING.  If you have the opportunity to go see it, GO.  I promise, you will not regret it. Everything from the set design to the choreography to the lyrics is beautifully done.
  3. Another day, another book to add to my reading list.
  4. If you’re a Riverdale fan, great news: season two is now available on Netflix AND the show was renewed for a third season.
  5. Since it is National Doughnut Day, it only seems fitting to mention that Sublime Doughnuts has created the first ever ‘Cone-Nut.’ This summer you can enjoy your ice cream in a doughnut cone. If you’re wanting to celebrate National Doughnut Day, and you’re local to Atlanta, check out this article.  If you’re not local to Atlanta, check out this article.
  6. I want to invest in this collapsible, reusable straw.  I prefer to drink out of a straw, but I hate how harmful plastic straws are to the environment. Now there’s a solution!
  7. This 8 year old skater is crushing it. She’s my new role model.
  8. Check out The Bouqs Company.  They produce farm-fresh flowers from eco-friendly sustainable farms. Super cool. And beautiful!!
  9. Check out this article about all the affordable summer essentials you can purchase from Walmart. I was really impressed.
  10. “But the danger with having an ideal self is that she robs us of contentment in the present.”  Wow. This article on, Breaking Up with Your Ideal Self, really resonated with me.
  11. I feel like I stumbled upon some really great articles this week, and I wanted to share them with you.  I’ll list them here, so you can come back to them when you have the time to read them or skim ’em! Happy reading: Why You Should Stop Being So Hard on Yourself; How I learned to Make Friends With My Anxiety; The Year That Skin Care Became a Coping Mechanism

That’s it for today.  Thanks for stopping by.  I  hope you have an enjoyable weekend, whatever that may look like for you. See you next week!



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