frappy friday #38

Have you missed me or have you missed me?? Because I have missed Y’ALL.  Summer is flying by! And the past few weekends have been crazy, but I suspect things will start to slow down these next few weeks, and I gladly welcome the change of pace. Sorry I was MIA last weekend. My sweet girl Kates got married (that’s her in the photo…wasn’t she stunning?!?!), and I was trying to savor every last bit of the weekend. It was such a celebration, and I just can’t believe my girl’s a WIFE now. When did we get old enough for that?!? Okay, okay…moving on. Shall we get to it? Grab that afternoon frap, and enjoy. Here’s what I have for you:

  1. Almost a month ago, some friends of mine got married, and this song was played at their reception. Everyone jumped on the dance floor, and started singing along.  I was very lost, and confused.  Thank goodness for Kat, she sent me the song the next day, and now I’m sharing it with y’all, so the same thing won’t happen to you. You’re welcome.
  2. At that same wedding, I was able to spend some quality time with my friend Shelbs, and she gave frappy friday the sweetest compliment. So, here’s a shoutout to you Shelbs! Thanks for reading!!
  3. My co-worker sent me the link to this video last week, and I teared up at work because it’s the sweetest friendship. Reminds me of some advice I heard Allen Levi give at a conference once, “always have friends that are different from you.”
  4. This is an old video, and it is quite possible I’ve already shared it on here, but I wanted a laugh earlier today, and this is the video I thought of.  It never gets old.  I can’t not smile when I watch it. I’d really love to hang with Adele for a day.
  5. At the wedding this past weekend, my friend Catherine was sharing about this book she read Liturgy of the Ordinary, and I’m absolutely adding it to my list.
  6. Guys, Jimmy Fallon gave a commencement speech to the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. You have to watch it.
  7. I discovered the coolest company the other day. Let me introduce you to Missio Hair. They’re all about “aiding in the rescue and restoration of victims of human trafficking, locally and around the world.”  Check out their purpose here. I’m almost out of dry shampoo, and I’ll be ordering my next can from here.
  8. I stumbled on some new Atlanta establishments that I’d very much like to check out. If you’re free next weekend, and want to hang let’s go try out these places: Tiny Lou’s located in the downstairs of Hotel Clermont; Recess; and Cousins Maine Lobster.
  9. I’d like to host a resource party. Would you be interest in coming?
  10. I have the itch to complete a jigsaw puzzle.  Any suggestions?
  11. I think I’m going to create a uniform for myself, to take some stress out of my mornings. No more having to waste time trying to figure out what I want to wear work.
  12. This Korean skin care routine only requires three steps, and I’m all about the simplicity of it. I’m trying to embrace the concept of less is more, and that’s why I’m really digging this routine that consist of only three products.

YAY for the weekend!!! Thanks for reading, friend.  It was so good to see ya after a week away. See you next week!



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