frappy friday #40

Good morning beautiful people! You might have noticed I was absent last week.  That seems to be happening a lot this summer. My apologies, the days just seem to keep passing me by!  Last week, I was out of town for the funeral of a beloved family member, Carolyn.  I went with my mama to North Carolina, and we spent the day with family remembering our sweet beloved Carolyn.  Carolyn was one of frappy friday’s first readers, so it only feels right that I pay tribute to her here. Y’all would have loved her, I know. She was one of those people always making you laugh.  And man, her laugh? One of the best.  It’s one of the things I love most about my mom’s family.  The joy they exude when laughing is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. You can’t help but smile or join in when observing. I once heard from a talk by Mark Hart (I’m pretty sure it was him) that “you’ll never meet a truly holy person without a sense of humor.” I believe that whole heartedly.  There’s something holy about making people laugh.  Don’t you think?  Carolyn, this post is dedicated to you.  Thanks for always reading and always making me laugh.  Here’s what I have for you today:

  1. capsule wardrobe. you’ve heard me talk a lot about it.  I found this outfit planner and y’all, I think it is totally helpful. I definitely plan to put it to use in the next few months as I re-create my wardrobe. Another helpful tool, if a capsule wardrobe peaks your interest, Cotton Stem walks you through the steps of creating a capsule wardrobe. Speaking of cotton stems… love the outfit she wore here. so simple. so comfy.
  2. anyone want to travel to roswell with me to try this lavender chill?  Jenny B, I’m coming to visit.
  3. this book is most definitely going to be a must when it comes out. and this one too.
  4. you might be able to find these shelves or these in the new house. definitely considering them for my new room.
  5. If we’ve hung out in the last month, chances are you’ve heard me complain about the fact that my routines are either non-existent or just completely suck. Earlier in the week, a friend shared with me Hannah Brencher’s latest blog post, and I truly felt like it was written just for me. If you, too, struggle with routine, give it a read.
  6. Ethical and sustainable fashion has been weighing heavy on my heart for the last few weeks. If you’re a regular here, then you know.  Well, I saw somewhere that I should watch the  documentary The True Cost   on Netflix if I wanted to know more about how my clothing purchases effect others across the world. I highly recommend it.  It was very informative, and honestly hard to watch at some parts.
  7. everyone has that song that they dread hearing because it’s always the one to instantly play when their phone is first connected to Bluetooth.  Mine is A-Team by Ed Sheeran.  I can’t tell you the name of the song or the band that comes on when AJ’s phone is connected, but it’s a live version and it always starts with the singer saying to the crowd, “how y’all feelin tonight? ya look good.” Well guess what?  No more of that dreaded song.  Yesterday, my friend Pat told me about how someone recorded a song called ” A a a a a Very Good Song,” and it’s 10 minutes of total silence. People can download it to their phone and have it be the first song on their playlist. Problem solved. How genius!
  8. I’m shocked that I have yet to share with y’all Justin Timberlake’s new single, SoulMate.  If you haven’t listened to it yet, go check it out.
  9. On that same note, Thomas Rhett just released his new music video for his single “Life Changes,” which I actually wrote about in my very first frappy friday post. The video features his two precious daughters, Willa Gray and Ada James.
  10. And in case you haven’t heard, Queer Eye just announced there will be a Season 3.  Which doesn’t really come as a surprise, since it was announced this past week that the show has 4 Emmy nominations.

Folks, thank you so much for your patience. I know I’ve been skipping Fridays and posting late in the day.  It means the world that you still check in.  Hope you have a great weekend!

Peace, love&fraps,


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