frappy friday #41

Good morning friends!! Today’s lookin’ a bit dreary here in the ATL, but I’m hoping to add some cheer to your day. Thanks for joining me today.  Did you know you can subscribe to frappy friday, and get an email every time I publish a post? I didn’t either!  But thanks to my friend, and loyal frappy friday reader, Paco, now we know. Pac, thanks for your support. Means the world. If you’re a loyal frappy friday reader too, maybe subscribing is an option for you! I’m thinking it’s time for frappy friday to get a makeover, just in time for its one year anniversary, what do you think? Okay okay okay, enough business talk, lets get to the good stuff. Here’s what I have for you this week:

  1. this may seem pretty lame to mention, but welcome to adulthood! if you ever get a flat tire, and need a repair, or a replacement tire, I HIGHLY recommend discount tire. If you’re in the area, then I definitely recommend the one in Chamblee off Peachtree Road. Ask for Brenton. He’ll take great care of you.  I got a flat tire last  Friday, and Aje totally saved the day (see above photo for reference…I know it’s terrible quality, my apologies) by coming to my rescue and putting my spare on.  The next day he took me to discount tire to get it fixed. They guys there were super helpful, and honest, which I really appreciate because I know nothing about cars. Next time you find yourself with a flat, give em a try.
  2. love dogs? love Atlanta? Then I have the perfect new Instagram account for you to follow. Let me introduce to you @piedmontbarks.
  3. Yesterday, my friend KB texted me informing me she had just stumbled upon this company, and it was a game changer for her prayer life. She said she downloaded their free prayer sheet printable and went on a walk, and it was incredible. So, I did what I normally do.  I instantly went to their site, checked em out, fell in love, and purchased a journal. I’m pretty stoked.  You can also find them on Instagram.
  4. My friend Emmy Lou always refers to me as her dreamer.  And one of my dreams for a long time has been to open my own coffee shop. Before you jump to conclusions, I’m not opening up my own coffee shop……yet.  BUT someone else is and I’m really excited for them.  Be on the lookout for Bellwood Coffee. Y’all, go check out their kickstarter, and watch their video (you can catch a glimpse of Ian slappin the bass). My favorite part? When they mentioned they don’t want the coffee industry to be one stepping stone to another, but a place where someone can build a career. I LOVE that. And when they talk about caring for their suppliers?  I’m all for that.
  5. I found this Braves shirt at Dick’s Sporting Goods that I really liked. I’m trying to be better about spending money in general and where I spend my money, so I didn’t buy the shirt right away, but thought I’d sit on it for a few days.  After it still being on my mind, I went back to Dick’s and bought the shirt.  It’s super soft and was made in the USA. I’m pretty excited about it. So……….anyone want to go to a Braves game soon?
  6. Looking for something fun to do in the ATL next weekend? Check out these ring workshops at Citizen Supply. Learn more about the company, In God We Must, here. I really wanted to sign up for the Wheat Penny Coin workshop but it’s all sold out.
  7. Remember how I’ve been mentioning I have terrible habits, and no routine?  Well, I heard about the Tally app and I think I’m gonna give it a try. I’m trying, I really am. As random side note: I think Tally is a great dog’s name.
  8. I love a good inspirational quote. I stumbled upon this Instagram account this past week, and it was love at first sight.
  9. I’m looking for a hair stylist in Atlanta. Any suggestions?
  10. My girl Audge loves smores, and she’s taking the MCAT today.  Definitely want to make this for her as a celebratory dessert.
  11. I’m thinking about writing a post called “play under review” where I tell you my thoughts on all the products/places I’ve suggested over the last 41 weeks.  Would that interest y’all? Let me know below!

That’s it for today.  Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day to hang with me.  Have a great weekend, and maybe keep your rain jacket close by. I think it’s supposed to rain all weekend. See you next week!



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