frappy friday #45

Friends, good morning!!! I’m very giddy this morning, because I got a notification that someone in Germany is reading frappy friday and that is pretty darn exciting! New readers welcome! Looking at you, Andrew. I’m really glad you’re here, and grateful that you’re taking some time out of your day to spend with me. Make yourself comfortable, and let me know if there’s anything you need. Here’s what I have for you this week:

  1. Living in the city, and thinking about raising chickens? Well, guess what? CityChick  allows you to rent chickens. You might be thinking, why would I ever rent chickens? But think about it: if you’re a teacher, this is something you’re kids might find super intriguing.  Or, maybe you have kids and want to spice things up around the house. OR, maybe you just really love fresh eggs. I think it’s pretty darn cool that even when living in the city, there’s a company that allows you to get a little taste of life on a farm. It’s also a cool way to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. I found it really intriguing and had to share.
  2. Y’all know I love all things Atlanta.  Checkout this weekly newsletter that’s all things ATL. Here’s a peek at this week’s. Thanks to the newsletter I discovered Colin from Whose Line is it Anyway? will be performing at Dad’s Garage on Friday and Saturday, and I am DYING to go. If you’re a frequent frappy flyer then you know last week I mentioned that Dad’s Garage was on my bucket list. This is a sign if I’ve ever seen one.
  3. Nothing makes me happier than a good fried potato. Really wanting to try these Greek fries from Pita Street Food. Also, really wanting to try Monday Night Brewing’s That’s Berry Tart.
  4. A lot of people think poetry is dead, but little do they know, it’s making a comeback. Check out the work of Micah Bournes, and his company Fight Evil with Poetry.
  5. I’m really digging the work of Soul Twin Studio.
  6. Our new reader told me I should check out this Spotify playlist called The New Retro.  I’m going out on a limb here and sharing it with you all before I’ve had the chance to listen to it myself. I’m pretty confident though that he wouldn’t lead us astray.
  7. With the move to the new house fully underway, I’ve been stalking Life in Jeneral’s Instagram page. The new house is great so far, but it’s definitely been an adjustment. We are moving in to a smaller space and that has called for us to get a little creative when it comes to storing and organizing everything. Been looking to Life in Jeneral for inspiration all week.
  8. I went to the dentist recently, and they told me I needed to invest in an electric toothbrush, apparently I’m a pretty aggressive tooth-brusher. A few days later I got an ad in the mail for quip.  Has anyone tried them? What are your thoughts?
  9. Have you seen John Mayer’s tribute on Instagram to Aretha Franklin?  I think it’s beautifully written.
  10. As a Catholic I feel the need to address the terrible abuse that has taken place in Pennsylvania, because I think staying silent is just as terrible. I couldn’t find the words to say, so I’m going to borrow them from Leah. Please see her post here.

Thanks for reading guys! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see ya next week!!



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