frappy friday #48

Last week, the roomies and I officially said goodbye to Echo Hills. While I’m super excited about the new house, and love it a lot, I’ve been feeling super nostalgic towards our old house. Kath and I were there for three years, and that’s the longest I’ve lived in one place since I moved out of my parents’ house. That house will always be special.  I wanted to dedicate this frappy friday to some of my favorite memories from 2301. Mostly because they involve a lot of you. Like they say, “it’s the people that make a place.”

  1. The only reason I ever unpacked my boxes after moving in was because my friend Casey essentially did it for me when she came up one weekend to visit. I was mending a broken heart, and going through a bout of depression, and she helped me get settled and plant new roots. Jesus was loving me through Case, and I’ll always remember that.
  2. Our infamous St. Patrick’s Day party, Shamrocked. Best party we’ve ever hosted to date. Everyone showed up. It was incredible.  We had gold dusted oreos (that no one ate), and green sherbet punch. Not to mention the confetti poppers I bought, which in hindsight was a terrible idea.
  3. When Logan brought Katie to our house for the first time and we watched While You Were Sleeping. Little did we know, we were meeting one of our best friends.
  4. Last year, right after Hurricane Irma had come through, we lost power at our house for three days.  I was driving back to the house with my friend Caroline when the power came on, and you could hear the whole neighborhood’s exclamations. It was honestly incredible. Caroline and I couldn’t stop laughing.
  5. The time there was a giant spider on the wall, and Kath was the only one with the courage to kill it.  When she went in for the kill, she whispered, “bye bye spider b****.”  I erupted into laughter. And still chuckle every time I think about it.
  6. Every single wine night we had. Especially the ones when Ju was practicing her dance moves for a work event, and she had a pair of basketball pants that she could not rip off for the life of her. Duff and Blake did their best to provide tips.
  7. The Christmas party we threw, and our friend Austin kept finding the price tags on all the decorations I had just bought; because I wasn’t sure if I was ready to commit to them or not.
  8. Our friend MJ once hung a sticky note on one of our wall decorations that said, “text this number when you notice this.” Not to mention the time she hid pokeman cards all throughout our house. I only ever found one.
  9. We received a hand written note in our mailbox one day from the FBI. We thought it was a scam. It wasn’t.
  10. Eating a dozen doughnuts with my girl Colleen on the floor on the first day I moved in.

These are just a few of the many memories 2301 gave me, and I’m forever grateful for my time there.  Here’s to new memories and new seasons.



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