frappy friday #55

Friends!! I am so PUMPED about today’s frappy friday! Y’all asked for a guest writer, and I’m happy to say this week’s frappy friday features a guest writer!! Please give a warm frappy welcome to my good friend, MJ. You’re gonna love her. I’ll make the coffee, while you take a seat and get cozy. Here’s what she has for you today:

Hello, Frappy World! I am honored and beyond excited to guest write today’s Frappy Friday. My name is MaryJane (MJ) Young and I met Ashley (Bucket, Ash, hASHhbrown) my second year out of school in a just grads bible study, where Ash first spoke her dream of writing this blog which is now a real thing! Side note: we actually met during sorority rush and had a blast for about 15 minutes then never saw each other again until post grad. Fast forward a few years to now where our friendship has flourished over many long walks and great memories. In honor of our really fun friendship, I have decided to dedicate this week’s Frappy to this friendship and some great things I hope you all can take away from the experiences of MJ and ASH. Enjoy…

  1. As odd as this may seem, Ashley and I really became friends through our walks. I love walking with my friends. I like to think of it as my trademark, however we all know my true trademark are my dance moves. Why do I love walks? They are free, no one has to worry about a running pace, and you can move alongside your friends as long (or short) as you want. We had some of our best convos on the streets of Brookhaven and I highly recommend regular walking dates with your favorite people.
  2. One of my favorite gifts Ash ever gave me was a Stamped and Finch bracelet. It has an inspiring saying on it to make me feel courageous when I don’t. Also, it matches everything.
  3. Like I said earlier, Ashley and I met in a just grads small group. One of our best studies we did together in this group was Present over Perfect by Shauna Niequist. This book has become very popular and is totally worth the hype for all of you perfectionists (like me and Ashley).
  4. One time in the earlier years of our friendship Ashley, Katie, and Kathryn and I all took a trip to Athens on a random game day weekend. While we were there we ate our weigh in Taqueria del Sol and Family and Friends were sitting right next to us. Sadly I don’t listen to them, but it was an odd moment and the entire trip was amazing so I had to throw it in.
  5. I grew up the middle of 5 children and we are all still really close today because my amazing mom used to make us dinner every single night. I have now taken on this love of cooking. One fall night I made my mom’s greatest recipe for Ash, Kathryn, and Katie as we all sat under the twinkle lights in my backyard. It was a happy night with happy food. Try it out 🙂
  6. While I’m talking about fall food- which is on everyone’s minds right now- last fall, a crew of us went to Brickstore pub for dinner to all hang with Katie’s then boyfriend (now husband). Yes that night was fun because meeting (and literally interviewing) Garett was entertaining, but also because Brickstore is at the very very top of my favorite restaurant list in Atlanta.
  7. Some of our best conversations have happened over coffee at Moonbird Coffee Shop. This store is in Chamblee and within its distressed brick walls sitting on eclectic comfy chairs Ashley told me all about her first date with AJ. Definitely one of the best memories in our friendship. If you do have a chance to stop by there, I highly recommend the Mocha Latte.
  8. Ashley is also my biggest cheerleader for an afternoon diet coke. This is how it works: after 2:30 on a summer day go to your nearest QT and get the largest fountain drink cup, fill it with the good ice and a fresh pour of diet coke, then enjoy. Why we do this? Because it makes us happy.
  9. Our girl Katie, who is mentioned many times above, got married this past summer. For her bachelorette weekend we enjoyed an afternoon at the Woodhouse Day Spa. I got a facial and it was amazing. I highly recommend you treat yo’ self every once in a while in this way.
  10. Although Ashley and I were not friends in college, we do still love to go to UGA Football games together. This past game we tailgated at Creature Comforts Brewery beforehand. This spot has become one of my favorite tailgate spots not only because of the good drinks, but also the fun comradery everyone shares on a game day. And fun fact: in high school I got my oil changed in the space that creature comforts has refurbished.

Thanks for checking in this week on Frappy! If you don’t know this already, the creator of this blog is one of the greatest people I know. From her infectious laugh to her love of her friends- she is a friend who we are all lucky to have in our lives. Have a great weekend, Frappsters!

Wow. I think I need a quick sec to gather myself, so I’m not all weepy and teary eyed.  Thanks for joining us today! Keep an eye out for MJ, she’s gonna publish a book some day and I PROMISE you, you’re gonna want a copy. See you next week! And here’s a little something to get you in the Halloween mood.

Peace, love,&fraps,




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