frappy friday #61

Good morning friends. Every so often, there comes a time when posting a frappy friday doesn’t seem right. It’s usually when the events of the past week have been filled with grief and pain, and suddenly posting about which book I want to read next or the new restaurant I want to try doesn’t seem appropriate. This is one of those weeks. The nation mourns the loss of President George H.W. Bush, my co-workers mourn the sudden loss of their colleague, and a family member mourns the unexpected loss of a loved one. Each day seems to have brought more devastating news, and it’s left me with a  loss for words. What could I possibly share today that would bring comfort to all those suffering around me? This week I’ve been learning the difference between joy and happiness, and that while our happiness may be fleeting, our joy is ours for the owning.  And that our joy comes from the hope we await in the birth of a baby boy in a manger. So for this morning, I’ll just say this: Embrace today, and the wonderful gift that it is. Hug your loved ones tight, and cherish each and every moment you get with them. Keep no kind word unspoken. Sending my love to you and yours this holiday season.



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