frappy friday #67

Hello, world! I was sick on Friday, so I was out of commission, and unable to post. But, here’s a little something to brighten up your Monday! Also, the sun is out, and it’s amazing. I missed it so much. Here’s what I had* for you on Friday:

  1. In the need of some heartwarming stories?  Try this one and this one.
  2. I saw this post about Kanye’s Valentine’s Day gift to Kim, and I couldn’t stop laughing. I have all the same questions!!!!
  3. I love Mari Andrews work. This post about accomplishing goals is awesome.
  4. This past weekend I was in Charleston celebrating my friend, Lucy’s, bachelorette. On Sunday we laid around all day and talked about the enneagram. It was awesome. Now I want to read every book about the enneagram I can get my hands on. This one looks really good.
  5. AJ signed us up for a 5k on March 16th, it’s St. Patrick’s Day themed. I’m honestly dreading it because I know I’m not ready, BUT AJ singed us up because one of my goals for this year was to run a 5k. I’ve been talking about it forever, and AJ knew I would never do it unless he signed me up. I do love that it will be St. Patrick’s Day themed because I LOVE St. Patrick’s Day. Should I buy these shoes for the special occasion? Oh my gosh!! They have a whole St. Patrick’s Day collection! I think this is the motivation I needed!
  6. In honor of Black History Month, check out these books!
  7. A lot of my friends have just gotten puppies or are in the process of getting puppies, and it makes me really want a puppy.  BUT I know that at this moment in time I wouldn’t be able to give the pup the lovin’ it deserved. That…and my lease doesn’t allow pets. HOWEVER, if I were to get a pup, I’d get them a name tag from Wild North Pets. I mean how cute is this hand stamped one?!
  8. I’ve always struggled with comparing myself to others. And in the age of social media, it’s almost impossible not to. Lysa TerKeurst posted this on Instagram yesterday, and it’s beautifully written. It was most definitely something I needed to hear.
  9. Just got around to watching the Dolly Parton Tribute from the Grammys. It’s wonderful, of course.
  10. I’m feeling extremely under the weather today. Everyone is recommending that I try the Medicine Ball from Starbucks. I went to go order one and they were all out of the teas they needed to make one. Desperately trying to get my hands on one. *UPDATE: I went to three SEPARATE Starbucks stores located in different areas and ALL THREE were out of the teas needed to make the Medicine Ball. How does one get their hands on one?!?!*

That’s it for now, friends. See ya next Friday!



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