frappy friday #69

Good morning! How are you today? I’m so thankful it’s Friday. Hellooooo weekend. For Lent, I gave up all forms of social media, which makes me a little nervous for frappy friday. I now have no way of advertising it to y’all, so I just have to trust that the people will check in, and notice a new post. *fingers crossed* If you found your way here, I’m so glad you did!!! Thanks for spending time with us. Here’s what I have for you today:

  1. I’m all about making life easier. So, I’m thinking of purchasing this laundry egg. It makes laundry easier, AND it’s good for the environment. Double win.
  2. People in the office have been dropping like flies with cold symptoms. This article gives 5 CHEAP cold remedies, AND they are natural options. EVEN BETTER.
  3. I love hospitality. Especially a good meat and cheese board, but sometimes that stuff can be expensive. Check out this article about hosting friends on a BUDGET. It involves Trader Joes, of course.
  4. My brother’s 30th birthday is coming up, and he specifically requested no gifts. He said he’d rather have experiences. That made it extremely difficult for me when trying to get him a present. Then I found the perfect website, great american days. Great American Days allows you to gift someone an experience, and if you can’t decide which one to chose, like me, then you can opt for a gift card!
  5. my jams for this week:  the bones  by maren morris, walk me home by pink, and everywhere by fleetwood mac.
  6. Did you guys know that Joanna Gaines has a line with Anthropolgie?! I didn’t either. Check it out here.
  7. Looking for something to do on Sunday in Atlanta? Chech out the Rescue Dog Olympics in Piedmont Park.
  8. Check out these hair sticks made from recycled root wood.
  9. There’s a new show coming to nbc, The Village, and trailer gives me chills.
  10. My friend Karmyn sent me this article on Lent, and it’s really good. Her suggestions of things to give up are GOOD, and not your typical answers.

That’s all for today! Thanks for checking in, and spending time with us. Hope you have a lovely weekend!m *today’s featured image is from verily mag.*



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