frappy friday #70

Good morning friends! It’s currently monsooning here in Atlanta. But it is Friday, so the rain can’t bring me down. Tomorrow is the big day: AJ and I “run” our 5k. Neither of us have trained properly, so we will most likely end up walking, BUT I’m still proud of myself. I haven’t even finished the race and I’m already proud, lol. But it’s true. I’m proud because I’m entering into the event with little to no stress. Normally, I put this insane pressure on myself to do something perfectly, and this 5k was no different. I wanted to properly train so that I was “perfectly” set up to succeed. Well, things went a little differently then I had planned, and I haven’t gotten to train in the way I hoped: following the couch to 5k app religiously. Instead, I’ve been trying to make my way to the gym three times a week. And I’ve been doing it! To me that is success within itself. So my running is most likely still way below average, but I feel like I’ve built up my endurance and I’m excited to test that out tomorrow. To small victories! Here’s what I have for you today:

  1. This article about the value of innocence really resonated with me. People have been calling me innocent for my whole life, and it always used to bother me. But after reading this article, I have a new perspective on the connotation of the word.
  2. I LOVE fried pickles. Really fried anything, but especially fried pickles. Specifically, “chips not spheres” as AJ would say. I’d like to give this recipe a try: everything fried pickles .
  3. Britney Spears’ music will be coming to Broadway in the new musical “Once Upon a One More Time.”
  4. If I weren’t on a budget right now, I’d try out corson beauty. I love that it’s only four products, and that they are all plant based. The cute packaging also makes it very appealing.
  5. stumbled upon this slow-living morning spotify playlist from verily mag, where I also got today’s featured image. It’s filled with some great laid back tunes to help you ease into your day.
  6. the new Aladdin trailer is incredible.
  7. if you need a good laugh watch this clip. to make it even funnier, watch this one first.
  8. my car is a mess right now. as is my room. and my desk at work. apparently, everything in my life is in shambles at the moment. BUT I am taking small baby steps to change that. My first step in cleaning up my car was buying this cleaner on amazon. The reviews are great and there are some pretty incredible before and after photos. I also love that it can be used for interior and exterior.
  9. I’ve been meaning to share this commercial for a while and I keep forgetting to post about it. But this “First Breakup” Commercial for Angel Soft hits you right in the heart strings.
  10. This episode of armchair expert is really good. It talks about addiction, and presents a new way of thinking about addiction and approaching addiction. I haven’t finished yet, but for the first time ever I’m excited for my after work commute, because I can’t wait to hear the rest.

Thanks for reading this week.  It’s always great having you. Have a fun weekend!!



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