frappy friday #71

Good morning!! Well, without advertisement on Facebook and Instagram, readership has taken a big plunge, but you know what I’m learning? Even if no one is reading, I still find myself wanting to post, and I think that’s a good place to be in.  So, if you happen to  be joining us today, I’m so glad you’re here. Feel free to share frappy friday with your friends, and let ’em know we’re still kickin’.  Get cozy. Here’s what I have for you today:

  1. AJ and I did it. We completed our 5k!! And it was actually, surprisingly, fun. Not the running part, but the atmosphere of it all. People were decked out in their St. Patrick’s gear, there was a parade after the race, racers over 21 got a free beer, and there were food trucks. It was a grand ol’ time. I’d definitely do it again.
  2. I got sick last week. Wiped me out for three whole days. Which means I spent a lot of time on the couch watching TV. I watched every episode of New Amsterdam. I’ve shared about New Amsterdam before, but I hadn’t been able to keep up with the show. Being sick allowed me plenty of time to get caught up. And it was worth it.
  3. I just discovered the blog, A Cup of Jo, does a “cooking for one” series, and I’m pumped to go down the rabbit hole of reading allllll the posts. Cooking for one is SO hard. Hopefully, this will provide some insight.
  4. Spring is coming!!! And that means it’s time to fill the house with the new Mrs. Meyer’s Spring scents. I ordered the peony! I find I’m much more likely to clean if I love the scent of the products.
  5. With all my TV watching, I’ve been seeing a lot of trailers for The Code — a new TV show set to premiere in April on CBS. I love a good military movie/show, but I’m a little hesitant about this one. The trailer didn’t really hook me.
  6. I read this article on theeverygirl about the top beauty podcasts. I’ve never listened to a beauty podcast, so I figured I’d give one a try. I was listening to an episode of Breaking Beauty that featured Sam Ravandahl, a social media influencer. I decided to look her up after listening to the podcast, and I landed on this video of her trying glossier products. Honestly, I’ve never been one to find beauty tutorials interesting. But Sam’s personality totally captivated me and I found myself actually entertained. I watched the whole 25 minute video! You should check it out.  I’m curious to know your thoughts.
  7. With AJ’s work requiring him to be outdoors all the time, I’m constantly hounding him about sunscreen usage. He recently ran out, so I bought him the Supergoop Skin Soothing Mineral Sunscreen. I was so eager to try it for myself that when I ran into Madewell to make some returns and saw this SPF All Stars Sunscreen kit, I had to buy it. The verdict is in…..I love it!! So far I’ve tired the daily moisturizer and the unseen sunscreen. I have super sensitive skin, and these don’t bother me at all. And they make me skin feel velvety soft. I’m also loving that they offer a sampler kit.
  8. I found a natural deodorant that I actually like! I know. I was shocked too. It applies so easily! Just glides right on, and it provides this nice cooling sensation, it’s like a wake up call for your pits.
  9. Noah Centineo stole our hearts in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.  He’s coming out with a new Netflix movie on April 12, the perfect date. I’m pretty darned pumped to watch it. Viewing party, anyone?
  10. This article, How to Navigate a Special Needs Encounter, is incredible. Whether you have kiddos or not, I think everyone could benefit from reading it. The mother that wrote this article just released a children’s book and I think I might have to add it to my collection.

Thanks for checking in with us. I hope you have a great weekend! See you next Friday!



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