frappy friday #81

Good morning everyone. I’m just barely keeping my head above water (please see feature photo for proof) with everything that’s going on. Just glad to be posting today. Here’s what I have for you:

  1. Check out the Pourigami for coffee on the go.
  2. The last thing I need is another sweatshirt. But if I were gonna buy another one, I’d purchase this one from the Kinnd Project.
  3. I’m very much anticipating the release of the shelf-care podcast
  4. I love diary milk. I’ve tried the alternatives and I just haven’t found one that I enjoy more than diary milk. If you love almond milk, and homemade anything than the Almond Cow might be for you.
  5. Season 2 of Jack Ryan …lesss gooooo
  6. does this mug scream Ashley or what?
  7. summer always makes me wish I wore anklets. if you were here last week then you know, i rediscovered madebymary.  I love their new anklet. and I love their rainbow ring.  I just love all their products and I want them all but am exercising self-control.
  8. I have a major sweet tooth, and I want to give Ambitious Kitchen’s Millionaire Bars a try.
  9. All my teacher friends, check out Brene Brown’s Daring Classrooms!!

Thanks for stopping by to check in. Have great weekend!



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