frappy friday #82

This post is way overdue. Life got crazy in August and I’m just making my way back to frappy friday. I’ve missed you guys!! How have you been? What’s new? Fill me in on everything. Don’t leave anything out. I want to tell you all about the wedding, and I’m working on dedicating one post to just our wedding, so if you’re interested be on the lookout for that. But here’s what I have for you today:

  1. Moving OTP has given me a lot of time to listen to audiobooks on audible. Getting a library card is on my to do list, so I can listen to audiobooks for free via libby. I just finished listening to American Royals on my commute per the recommendation of Hitha. Prior to that, I was listening to The Flatshare.
  2. Made the chocolate chip cookies from Magnolia Table and munched on ’em every night last week. Had to break in the Kitchenaid mixer we received as a wedding gift.
  3. Currently binging Veronica Mars. Just finished season one. #TeamLogan
  4. Labor Day was a few weekends ago and I fell victim to multiple sales. Bought this blazer from Old Navy, and a couple items from Abercrombie & Fitch, including this pair of jeans and this pullover.
  5. Washing my face at night is always an ordeal. No matter what I do I always end up getting my hair wet and water streaming down my wrists. The Buy Guide recommends this hair band and shared a hack from @chrislovesjulia, wearing wrist sweatbands (check out their story Best Life Hack).
  6. I think well-watered women is a great resource.
  7. Discovered this account on Instagram, educounting. Helps you learn about money no matter how old you are!
  8. Lizzie McGuire is coming back to the telly!!!!!!
  9. Few dates to remember: Jack Ryan season 2 premieres November 1!!
  10. And Luke Combs comes out with a new album November 8.

Thanks for stopping by!! It was so good to see you. Hopefully we’ll fall back into routine in the next few weeks, and posting will be back with regularity. Thanks for your patience. Have a great weekend!



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