frappy friday #84

Good morning frappsters! How are you today? Can you believe its almost October!? I’ve been exhibiting some serious self-restraint by not purchasing any pumpkins for our front porch yet, but I told AJ on October 1 all bets are off. Ain’t nothing holding me back from making our porch a full on pumpkin patch. Hope you a had good week! I know this week has been tough on a lot of you, and I hope this week’s post can provide a bit of relief. Here’s what I have for you today:

  1. Literally every need you have ever had, can now be provided by a subscription service. Laundry? No worries. Need more greens? We got ya covered.
  2. Months ago I bought AJ a reed diffuser from Hearth and Hand for his guest bathroom, and we loved it. It’s been at least three months if not longer, and it still smells GREAT! So, I recently purchased another one from Redwood & Co. for the master bathroom in a fall scent.
  3. Lauren Akins is coming out with a book!
  4. My new audible listen is Atomic Habits.
  5. New spotify listen is Maggie Rogers radio.
  6. January will be here before we know it, and I’m already shopping for my 2020 planner. Thinking about dedicating an entire frappy friday to potential planner selections.
  7. Pretty sure I’ll be making this sweet treat over the weekend.
  8. Cinderella Latte is the new PSL.
  9. AJ and I watched the premiere of Prodigal Son on Monday. We were both very intrigued and I think we’ll continue to watch.
  10. A word of encouragement.

Thanks for reading! Have a frappy weekend!




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