frappy friday #90

Good afternoon friends. I hope you haven’t forgotten me. Consistency hasn’t been my strong suit and I’m thankful for your understanding. I hope you’ve been enjoying the holiday season. I can’t believe a new year and a new decade will be here next week! Where has the time gone? I’m always grateful when you make the time to stop by. So grab a seat and I’ll start a pot of coffee. Here’s what I have for you today:

  1. Mexican train and Pictionary Air  are now in my game night rotation
  2. This music video made me a little teary eyed….in a good way
  3. Want to start growing more of your own food? But don’t have a yard? Nor a green thumb?No problem. Check out Lettuce Grow.
  4. Have you heard John Mayer’s new single? CVS Bag
  5. I think this Toyota Commercial and this Dish Commercial are really well done
  6. AJ and I need a new TV show. I’m gonna see if he’ll go for Modern Love on Amazon Prime
  7. I bought this sweater from Aerie and loved it so much I bought it in three more colors.
  8. Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is coming to NBC in January and it stars Lauren Graham and Skylar Astin. I’m excited to give it a try.
  9. I recently switched from audible to still lets me listen to audiobooks but now I can support a local bookstore while I do so. And if you switch from Audible they give you three free books.
  10. My most recent audiobook was 10 Blind Dates and I just discovered that the producer of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is going to make the 10 Blind Dates movie and that got me PUMPED.

Have a great weekend my friends!! And a Happy New Year!! We’ll see you in 2020.



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