frappy friday #66

Good morning! Happy Friday! How are you today? Like today’s photo? That’s real life me brushing my teeth and sending a picture to AJ to prove that I’m up and awake, seizing the day. We all know I have issues getting up in the morning, and sometimes this is what it takes. I know, it’s sad. But it’s also the reality. Anyway, enough about that. I am so excited for this weekend. I’m headed to Charleston with the girls the celebrate our dear friend Lucy’s bachelorette. It should be a weekend filled with good food, good friends, and good coffee. Talk about my ideal trip. I hope you have something fun and relaxing planned this weekend. And if you don’t? That’s okay. Sometimes my favorite weekends are the ones with no plans. Grab a blanket, and cozy up. Here’s what I have for you today:

  1. my jams for this week: dear rodeo and 9 to 5.
  2. Y’all. How cool is this? A black leopard was photographed for the first time in 100 years.
  3. Just discovered this company, stylust, that helps you find things that you see online and are unable to track down.
  4. This is probably my favorite quote from Hannah Brencher’s latest book, Come Matter Here. I think I want to get it framed and hang it up in my house.
  5. Just heard about this plant shop in Atlanta. So cool! Anyone want to do a workshop with me?
  6. Anyone want to go with me to the Syndesi pop-up at Moonbird Coffee next weekend?
  7. Aldi just might be the best grocery store there is. They are coming out with limited edition cheeses names after hit songs form the 80s.
  8. I think I’m gonna have to make this Puerto Rican sweet bread.
  9. I got my eye on this pair of heels from Target.
  10. I love this video of Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen on The Tonight Show. I feel like this is what they actually do when they hang out for fun.

That’s it folks. Remember, if you got something you’d like to share on frappy friday, reach out to me! I’m happy to share it and give you a shout out!! Thanks for reading. I’ll see you next week!



frappy friday #65

Hello and good morning! How are you today? I think I know why I’ve been stuck in this rut of only posting every other week. I often write about what’s on my mind. And lately, I’ve allowed wedding planning to consume my thoughts. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t let frappy friday become a blog all about wedding planning, because that’s not what I want for this space. So, when the only things I can come up with to share are all wedding related, I decide to skip the week. I will say this, wedding planning has taught me a lot about myself. It’s revealed a lot of truths about me that I was ignoring or unaware of.  I would like to share those truths with you, because while my eyes were opened due to the wedding planning process, the core of what I want to share with y’all are the life lessons I learned. What do you think about that? If you would like to talk about the season of engagement or the wedding planning process, feel free to reach out to me directly. I’m more than happy to chat about it. We can grab coffee, and sit down face to face and have a DHC (deep hearted conversation). Or, if you just want to grab coffee and chat I’d love that too! Anyways, here’s what I have for you this week:

  1. According to my sources, aka AJ, it’s supposed to rain all next week. If you don’t have a pair of rain boots yet, check out these cute booties from Target.
  2. My current binge watch: Blindspot. Every episode leaves you wanting more. Be very careful. It’s kinda like eating lays potato chips: you can’t just watch one.
  3. Dreams do come true!!!! You can now apply to be an extra for a Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie.
  4. Here are all the ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day without buying a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates: a Chick-Fil-A heart shaped nugget tray , a pickle bouquet, or buying a box of these Kit-Kat drumsticks.
  5. My friend Mck highly recommended that I read the book, Where the Crawdads Sing, and I’ve been dying to read it ever since. My secret love language: when someone reads a book and recommends it to you because it reminded them of you.
  6. Looking for a good science read? Check out this list of The Best Science Books of 2018.
  7. I just discovered that John Krasinski and Justin Timberlake are friends, and it made me giddy.
  8. I’m loving these t-shirts from Charlie Southern at Palmetto Moon. Specifically, this Sandlot one and Pretty Women one.
  9. Thank you American Girl Doll for making a Jimmy Fallon doll.
  10. Anyone want to take a trip to Venice? I’m dying to check out this coffee shop, Great White Venice.

Side note: The photo I shared for today is from AJ and I’s engagement session. We were taking pictures of me on AJ’s back when AJ suddenly leaned forward and told me to swim. I then attempted to do some breastroke. But do not be fooled.  Here is the truth behind our photos: right before our engagement photos both AJ and I were in a funk. And I was very nervous going into our shoot that it would come across in pictures. I was self conscious about my outfit, and second guessing location, hair, and makeup. AJ was upset that I asked him to shave his beard. I was so stressed about having the “perfect” photos that I was taking the joy out of the process. We were a mess. I am so incredibly grateful for our photographer, Katelyn,  because she helped both AJ and I to feel at ease. I share that with you, because it’s really important to me that you know that AJ and I aren’t perfect. Boy, do we have our struggles. So while this picture is cute and fun, just remember we have our days where we fight and get irritated with one another. *that was a bit of a tangent, but I’m done now.*

See you next week!



frappy friday #64

Good morning friends. I hope you’re staying warm this morning. It happened again. Last week, I went to write frappy friday, and …..nothing. I struggled to write. I attempted to fight it, but after a while I decided it was best to wait until this week. I hate not being consistent, but I also don’t want to post something just to post it especially when I feel it was forced. So, thank you for your patience with me. I’m glad you’re here. Here’s what I have for you today:

  1. Julia gave me The Magnolia Story for Christmas a few years ago, and I’m finally getting around to reading it, and I LOVE it. It’s written by both Joanna and Chip which I really enjoy. I now feel as if Jo and Chip are old friends of mine.
  2. ATL FRIENDS: If you’ve been wanting to go see Infinity Mirrors at the High then listen up!!!! They are opening up tickets online starting February 5 for the last week. I REALLY REALLY want to go. Anyone haven’t been?  Let’s go together!
  3. Johnnyswim came out with a new single last week, and their new album will release in April. AND they are coming to Atlanta in May.
  4. My friend Paco released a single!!! Go check it out!!
  5. This travel jewelry case is brilliant, and sure to come in handy.
  6. A few weeks ago, I had brunch at Osteria 832, and I can’t wait to take you. I had the benedict pizza and it was absolutely phenomenal. I MUST go back, so please join me.
  7. It’s a known fact at the office, that I am always cold. I almost never take off my jacket for the day, or have a blanket wrapped around me. I think I should get something like this for the office. So cozyyy.
  8. Likewise is opening inside of Citizen Supply and tonight is their launch party. I definitely want to check this out.
  9. AJ had me watch The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned from a Mythical Man on Netflix and now I’m trying to live each day like Bill Murray would.
  10. My girl Hannah posted about MUD\WTR and I’m considering replacing my morning cup of jo with it. *gasp* I know….shocking. But I do really want to try it out.

That’s all for today! Thanks for making time for us. Have a great weekend! We’ll see you next week….hopefully.



frappy friday #63

Good morning frappsters…. How do we feel about that nickname? I’m not sold, but it’s the first thing that came to mind. I missed last week.  I’m not sure what it is, but I’ve been lacking in my desire to post. I don’t know why, but last week I just didn’t feel like it, so I didn’t force it. But I’m back this week, and I hope you’re still following along with us. I’m really grateful if you are. It’s a beautiful day today. I mean it’s wicked cold, but beautiful. Grab a hot cup of coffee, and take a seat. Here’s what I have for you today:

  1. AJ and I celebrated NYE by grabbing dinner with friends at a restaurant none of us had been to before. It was perfect. One of the best NYE I’ve celebrated. We went to Iberian Pig and ended 2018 with tapas and sangria. The pork check tacos were a table favorite, and I ordered the dreamsters mocktail, because the waitress described it as tasting like the milk after you eat a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch. She was dead on.  Definitely give it a try.
  2. Y’all, my friend Adam recommended the show Superstore. It’s totally getting me through wedding planning right now. At the end of the day when I’m frustrated, stressed, or overwhelmed I turn it on and it is a guarantee laugh. It might not be for everyone, and I couldn’t tell you why I think it’s so funny. But I have never laughed as hard at a TV show before.
  3. I like this mug.
  4. This woman’s baking creations are incredible. And she is SELF TAUGHT. Just look at this giraffe on a pie. Super impressive. This gives me hope that it’s never too late to take up an interest of yours.
  5. I just ordered this book combo for me and Aje. I’ve had many friends recommend the authors’ books: For Women Only and For Men Only. I’m excited for this read!
  6. My dad got this book, Atlas Obscura, for Christmas, and I think it’s a brilliant gift idea for those adventurers in your life.  It lists the hidden gems of the world.
  7. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is officially coming out with a sequel!!
  8. I’m not a huge fan of Crest whitening strips. I stumbled upon this Tarte teeth whitening pen and I’m intrigued. It’s got great reviews. Do we think it works?
  9. One of AJ and I’s favorite breweries is having an event called: Breakfast Club Strikes Back! Essentially you wear your pajamas, and eat breakfast while they play Sixteen Candles. Who wants to go?!?!
  10. This really hit me hard. Thank you God for your sending us your Son.

That’s all for today! Thanks for checking in. See you next week!

Peace, love,&fraps,


frappy friday #62

Hi, friend! It’s been a few weeks since we last talked. I sure did miss you! The busyness of the holiday season got the best of me and I wasn’t as prepared as I had hoped. BUT we’re all about extending grace over here on frappy friday, so I thank you for your patience, and I hope you’ve missed us as much as we’ve missed you! Sit down, grab a drink, and cozy on up. Here’s what I have for you today:

  1. Over the last few weeks I’ve attended a couple white elephants, and at each exchange there is always one hot-box item that everyone wants. I thought some of these gifts were brilliant and I wanted to share. Red Ryder  and an original Nintendo.  Wow, these folks sure were generous with their gifting.
  2. I absolutely want to make these soft pretzels for New Years.
  3. My curent fav feed on instagram. Her presets are beautiful, and I kinda wanna buy them.
  4. I’ve seen this devotional recommended a few times this Advent season, and I definitely want to check it out.
  5. Still looking for a planner for the new year? These planners by Emily + Merrit are super cute, and I’m definitely having buyer’s remorse about not puchasing one.
  6. Aje got me these TOM boots for Christmas. When I opened them, he said they’re from TOMS so they’re ethically made, and it was the sweetest thing. I can’t find the exact pair, but this is the same style.  The pair I got are in a different color and material.
  7. I found a necklace with the Atlanta skyline on it over the holidays and I had to buy it. I’ve been wanting one for years, and I finally bit the bullet. I got mine from The Gibson Co. at The Collection at Forsyth. Here is a similar one that I found online.
  8. AJ’s always spilling drinks on the couch, so I got him this couch coaster as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. Very handy.
  9. I really like this print from the The Department of Brewology.
  10. My friend Whitney and I are trying to thicken our hair. She heard about this garnier fructis product and got it for us for Christmas. I can’t wait to try it! Thicker, fuller locks, here I come.

Thanks for joining me today! I hope you have a restful weekend. See you in 2019!!



frappy friday #61

Good morning friends. Every so often, there comes a time when posting a frappy friday doesn’t seem right. It’s usually when the events of the past week have been filled with grief and pain, and suddenly posting about which book I want to read next or the new restaurant I want to try doesn’t seem appropriate. This is one of those weeks. The nation mourns the loss of President George H.W. Bush, my co-workers mourn the sudden loss of their colleague, and a family member mourns the unexpected loss of a loved one. Each day seems to have brought more devastating news, and it’s left me with a  loss for words. What could I possibly share today that would bring comfort to all those suffering around me? This week I’ve been learning the difference between joy and happiness, and that while our happiness may be fleeting, our joy is ours for the owning.  And that our joy comes from the hope we await in the birth of a baby boy in a manger. So for this morning, I’ll just say this: Embrace today, and the wonderful gift that it is. Hug your loved ones tight, and cherish each and every moment you get with them. Keep no kind word unspoken. Sending my love to you and yours this holiday season.



frappy friday #60

*Good morning friend!! I hope you’re doing well.  I have such a treat for you today….another guest writer!! You’ve definitely seen her name mentioned here before, but this morning you get to have her as your host! I’m so excited to have her here. She’s been frappy friday’s number one fan since day one. Here’s what Audge has for you today:*

Hey y’all, Audge here. I’m cozying up with a latte made by my dad as I write to you all. I hope you’ll join me with your favorite warm beverage as we slip into these chilly winter days!

I can’t remember the exact moment freshman year of college that Ash and I became friends, but I believe it’s because she’s always felt like the friend I’d been missing. Do you ever meet people and they immediately feel like home? Ash has remained one of those people for me and she’s stuck with me forever. From room 1 in our sorority house to seasons of high and low in Atlanta, don’t know what I’d do without my girl. Enough of the sappiness. I could go on forever, so here’s a photo of Ash and I being weird 7 years ago. freshmen audge and ash

Today, I’ve got the 25 Days of Christmas – Audge Edition. So, settle in with that mug of hot liquid and let’s get into it!

  1. First up, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta has a Christmas Parade every year that is basically ATL’s miniature version of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Hang out in midtown between 15th and 5th streets on Peachtree to see massive balloons of all your favorite characters, local bands, and a TON of cute kiddos. Meet me there with your hot chocolate and warmest blankie on December 1 at 10:20 AM.
  2. Miracle Bar Atlanta is BACK for the third year in a row!!! This year, check out the locations on Monroe and on Highland. If ya haven’t heard, these pop-up Christmas bars serve chilly and piping hot adult beverages throughout the holiday season. But you gotta get there early ‘cause this place has been super popular the past few years. Join me and our crew this weekend as we kick off holiday season!!
  3. Y’all. ALDI does it again. They brought their advent calendars to the U.S. and I. AM. PUMPED! While the traditional chocolate calendars will always have a special place in my heart with that tiny piece of poorly-made, yet delicious milk chocolate, I can’t say the adult in me doesn’t love the idea of both wine AND cheese advent calendars. Check them out at your local ALDI!
  4. Everyone loves a twist on the holiday classics. And while I’m not the biggest fan of brie, I know more than a few people who would go figgy-pudding over these Cranberry Brie Bites. Heck, I might even devour a few myself. I love to cook, so I think these might make their way to a Christmas party or two.
  5. Who doesn’t love an excuse to throw on their mom’s old tacky holiday sweater or that vintage Christmas onesie you found on Etsy a couple of years ago? I’ve got not one, but TWO opportunities for you. First up, the Ugly Sweater Bar Crawl from 5 PM – 11 PM on 12/15 that starts at the Buckhead Saloon. Next, head on over to Fernbank on 12/16 for their Ugly Holiday Sweater Party. This one combines two of my favorite: Science and photo ops with Santasaurus. Don’t miss out.
  6. Working in some pretty underserved/downtrodden areas of Atlanta puts me face-to-face with the homeless population of our beloved city on a daily basis. I find it so easy to grow callous to this group with longer and greater numbers of exposure and I want to always be brought back to the reality that everyone is deserving of time and love as the Lord would share with us. This holiday season, and honestly throughout the year, I want to be better about being involved with those who are the most in need. I’ve shared links to some pretty wonderful organizations that help this population and would love to volunteer with you!! 

    Atlanta Mission

    Atlanta Children’s Shelter

    Nicholas House (works to keep families together)

    (and let me know if you have suggestions!)

  7. I have to give a little hometown plug with this one. When I was a kid, I spent EVERY December dressed up as an angel in the live nativity at Simpsonwood UMC’s Walk Through Bethlehem. Typically, I had already spilled hot chocolate on my white robe and had a handful of Stauffer’s Holiday Shortbread Cookies (you guys know the ones…) hidden in my jean pockets before I even made it to the stable. Anywho, you guys should go check this out. The church recreates the town of Bethlehem, including a tax collector, wine maker, and camel to boot. Meet me there the weekend of December 7-9!
  8. Skate the Sky! is the ever-trendy Ponce City Market’s newest attraction at Skyline Park. Head up to the roof and throw on a pair of ice skates and let’s learn how to be Michelle Kwan with our main man Jonathan Van Ness (@jvn).
  9. This one might be a curveball, but I’ve loved Trans-Siberian Orchestra since I was a kid. My parents used to play their albums on our 6-disc changer for fancy dinners and office parties at our home. Maybe the nostalgia makes me want to read a book or crack open some study material to their rhythmic sounds. The rock opera group is coming to Infinite Energy in Duluth on December 8 and I might have to find myself a last minute ticket
  10. I spent many of my formidable and childhood years in the Lake Oconee area before my family moved to Greensboro in 2003. I traveled to Milledgeville multiple times a week for competitive gymnastics and remember passing the Old Governor’s Mansion quite often. We are all in luck this Christmas season as the town is celebrating Antebellum Christmas at the Mansion again this year. Check out the candlelight tour before heading over to the old Central State Hospital for a self-guided night-time tour (text me for the deets on this one).
  11. For some free, ever-loved holiday fun this year, check out the 37 NEW HALLMARK MOVIES! My girl Ash has mentioned these several times (and even has a fantastic sweatshirt to wear with Terri to watch) but I think it bears repeating. Check out the full line-up and Countdown to Christmas with these terribly amazing flicks.
  12. An amazing clinic exists in Clarkston (Clarkston Community Health Center) that provides healthcare to the underserved in the area. Many of these patients are refugees and have virtually nothing when they reach the United States. The video below warms my heart, shared by some of the volunteer practitioners, nurses, and administrators at the clinic. (I know, I know it’s not Thanksgiving anymore. But can’t we still be thankful headed into the Christmas season?)
  13. (13 through 25) Celebrate this beautiful season of the Lord’s love with you family, friends, or family. I’m always reminded of how undeserving of this life that I am and how thankful I am for each human with whom I’ve crossed paths. The Lord sent us the sweetest gift in the form of His son and continues to send us undeserved blessings. So, as we open all of the fun, earthly gifts that we will most likely receive today, I’m always reminded of how insignificant they are in comparison to the ultimate gift.


    Thanks for tuning into my Christmas ramblings! If you’ve made it this far, color me humbled. Ash, thanks for letting me take over your corner of the internet for this special season!

    Xoxo, Audge